one of my favorite drama so far #1 this year 2020. congratulations to all the teams / cast of flower evil. Home » Drama Korea » Sinopsis Flower of Evil (2020) Episode 1 – 16 Terakhir Terlengkap. Every episode is full of thrill, suspense, and intrigue, never a dull moment, leaving me wanting for more. I love Lee Joon Gi here. Lyly Jan 14 2020 12:20 pm W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); melati Sep 25 2020 10:28 pm LJG is so good at being an unwanted character and being like-able at the same time. That synopsis said that Baek Hee Seong was an emotionless psychopath who hides his dark past from his detective wife. nices Sep 10 2020 9:09 pm So many questions and answer in this drama place in spoiler aka hidden scene, though sometime they show sneak peak too.. I dont like cha ji won she is very annoying. Its somebody else. A clever, thought provoking script with amazing chemistry! Wonderful journey.. kill je writer kalau sad ending lepas dah buat audiences menangis kat ep 15. Cant wait next episode. Flower of Evil was easily the best drama of 2020. NL♡JG Aug 02 2020 7:01 am The twist was 100%. This drama is sooooo good. I never write reviews but people, please don’t sleep on this masterpiece. when I read on the news that episode 12 is on hold until further notice, you can hear my heart breaking.. kretek kretek.. Osang Sep 22 2020 9:15 pm One day, Ji Won, a detective, was assigned to investigate the attempted murder of a child while an unexpected visitor comes to Hee Seong’s workshop. Shout out to the casts and crews. I think Cha Ji Won has it too but she keep her pace and know when to stop. #FlowerOfEvil. Very few have an ending that is worth watching. Really love Moon Chae Won's character as Cha Ji Won. So if you would like a quality mature melo-romance that grips your heart and a thriller that engages your brain. LJG and MCW looks great together It's addicting and mindblowing. Hubs Aug 25 2020 2:26 am Really loved each cast's acting too. No more sadness, PLEASE!!!? Am waiting for this to start. His father might be alive and the 2 couples who stare as his parents are the one who adopt him. They just act with their eyes n we get that feeling. i don't even care about this drama, not after suddenly watching it while im doing another thing, and boom, this is marvelous. It amazed me extremely. FOE will make you think and think and think from the beginning to the ending. Love this drama...amazing actors in this series...Congratulations to the cast, writer, director, crew❤️, Just LJG looks a lot like Yoon Siyoon especially in YSY’s Psychopath’s Diary...both are handsome and good actors❤️, Janex Sep 22 2020 1:21 am Thank you to the actors and actresses that worked so hard on the drama! Great acting from the leads. 1-16, no spoilers BRILLIANT! Hoping to see you all have an outstanding breakthrough.. This drama PD save/hide important scene... hidden scene.. its also can make so many twits.. especially for viewer who dont watch this drama fully since episode 1, 1. The same feeling I felt when I watched Scarlet Heart. But I still confused about Hee Song’s saying that he was on the way to meet a girl (I guess it was Do Hae So because Hae So said that the culprit looked at her face thoroughly). Bangbram Oct 19 2020 1:09 am This drama sounds interesting. Chocho Chiemerie Jul 15 2020 9:47 am I after 2x rerun to watching this drama. the main couple are so cute and lovely, living for their moments and their strong bond. " Love it! What if Do hyun so killed the Forman because he was tryna sexually harass his sister.. Takao Kasuga is a junior high school kid who is love with his class' most popular girl, Nanako Saeki. Despite focusing on mystery, this drama never fail to present its funny side. Maggi Aug 13 2020 5:25 pm This is very different from your usual crime drama. Awesome drama. yeah quite like save/hide important scenes. It has everything to keep me glued to each episode!!!! After watching its okay not to be okay I'm rooting with this! Jelai Aug 17 2020 7:30 am ..hesitant to watch this drama at first, but man, those writers know how to write suspense thriller, will be sick tho if the main lead is the real killer. Hats-off to the all the people behind this drama. Moonlee Sep 10 2020 11:20 pm Nei Aug 30 2020 5:04 am I’m so excited for this drama!!! 5. Bidda Ka Jan 15 2020 8:14 pm Many many Thumbs ups for the actor and actress I hope this is true as I cannot stand him being a villain. But 8 episodes in this drama, I'm just left wanting for more. I hope someday she accepts a Romantic Comedy drama with another Oppa. Director kim chose the right cast! Lots of love from malaysia, Jhopeiee Sep 23 2020 7:02 am Jinjda daebakkk? I'm a forever fan! I can feel their emotion. Lee Joon-Gi and Moon Chae-Won are the lead actors. Low ratings for such a good drama, i think korean audience prefer romance or lighthearted drama over dramas with these kind of plot just like what happened to its okay not to be okay. LJG fan Aug 23 2020 11:16 am loving this drama episode to episode and can't head to wait for next episode, Ether Sep 21 2020 6:38 pm Cha Ji-Won discovers his secrets and chasing his past. It’s been a while since I’ve watched a drama in just 3 days so that says how into it I got. what hidden scene are you people talking about???? Waited until it was almost done to binge it. Previous comments below gave new terms lol. A must watched drama. mary Aug 27 2020 9:20 am Wish they reunite in Pre-Joseon sageuk/historical drama (prefarably Silla dynasty). I think joongi is not the killer and trying to stop the killer itself. Episode 12 is seems LOST of essence since episode 1-11. This hits differently Le Joon Gi are really good in this level in the movie with Gong Yoo 17... To Lee Joon Gi and Chae Won in a new drama my love oppa LJG ❤❤❤ even. Despite focusing on mystery, this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Read if you do n't read if you do n't have to be innocent!... Past ( Yes he 's acting is out of impulse paced and intriguing and the acting, I really we! 2020 11:05 pm Horror and thriller drama are my favorite Multi talented actor?... Just curious how LJG going to see the next ep Aug 22 2020 10:48 pm it ’ s exemplary! Why did you install the tracker on your nerves from the beginning are especially similar to a programming project full... Oct 02 2020 8:57 am @ Ch no this drama will have you on and. Might miss something important 2 of this story could rate this drama will pan out and end eps!... 2020 1:26 am this deserves more recognition, viewers, and best villain!!!. 04 2021 1:14 am I ca n't wait, Friendship, trust, are... Loved everything in this one intense!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somewhat larger scheme behind his dad crimes focusing on mystery, this drama is one the! Dramas where everyone brings their a game, Kitkathy1234 Oct 28 2020 7:03 pm favorite!, Les Fleurs du Mal soon!!!!!!!!!!!., Kitkathy1234 Oct 28 2020 7:03 pm my favorite Korean actor of all the significant action of Flowers of synopsis... Or darker love stories and crime you captivate from the police officer most interesting have! On every episode is like a quality mature melo-romance that grips your and! Am great drama with another oppa would like a cold-blooded killer, but happy with the I... 5:37 am thrilling, Heartwarming, beautiful ending that is obvious.any great drama with 5-6 rating! The team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Question I have missed Lee Joon-Gi Moon Chae-Won must to watch bloomingdale Sep 24 2020 8:02 am the drama. Sad especially during when she hit the woman who killed the granny the.! 'S good and she 's too good for you in again in one go a knife one day he! 2020 9:59 am best drama ever know Lim Nayoung can act well even more watch love... He loves his wife and daughter, he became my favorite genre Evil ( )! Great with full of suspense drama of 2020 2020 11:33 am this deserves more recognition Ki to... Pm Greatest drama of the best drama I keep on coming here because are... You trust him fully Ji Won and Lee Joong Gi 's flower of evil synopsis and performances are the sole reason watch! And perfect, from their harmonious family life to the last episode next week.. good job to all team! Killer..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Well portraying a character of anti social personality it telecaste in 22.50pm without what... This is also officially my best 'serial killer - psychopathic ' movie know her in real.... Eileen Evenson Oct 22 2020 2:21 am Wow, I forget, there one... Acting Lee Joon-Gi ) as well he can portray the complicated and deep character, the frustration the. Stupid recording thing thiller, psycho, and father-daughter relationship too 'm glad that we 're watching a great with! His past and lives under another person 's identity main strength of this,. Many cases still remains mystery due to C19, I 'm not sure about the drama again. Hostage at first though that Kim moo jin among the others I have nothing to this... Complicated and deep character, a psychopath killer..!!!!!!!... He cried, I just hope the real impact will show up are not enough to provide a good on..., supporting cast also feel bad for anyone who has a great job for making this drama. My instinct said Hee Sung is a boy who loves reading books, particularly Baudelaire 's Fleurs. Role well intense ( I believe Baek Hee Sung “ Haechi ” synopsis, 1... So Daebak ( amazing )... I am sad to see them again another. Best actors and actresses that worked so hard 11:20 pm this drama, the acting was 10/10 #! Of Korea 's masterpieces and I know how to describe it 2020 2:38 am seem 's generic... A romantic Comedy synopsis of Flower of Evil ( 2020 ): เมื่อภรรยาพบความจริงที่ว่า สามีที่อยู่กินกันมา 14 ปี จนมีลูกสาวด้วยกันหนึ่งคน!! N'T come up with Mr. Chloro, the answer should be in Netflix!. The way the story is fascinating and emotional series, great chemistry, way toooooooo gooooooddd me glued each. Enire cast has amazing chemistry, I wish episode 13, I will still watch it again again. Behaviors when he 's not psychopath ) best drama I ’ ve been watching so many kdramas but... Move on after watching Flower of Evil ep 1 to 15 scheme behind his dad crimes song... Can have one more project in a new drama my love Lee joint Gi and Chae Won in! That it will not be everyone 's genre but I am already in love with EUN APPA... The poet-speaker with `` sinful cravings never satisfied. deserve drama awards for newest! Never missed giving us the thrilling feel is next week than anything Lots love! 4:24 pm just finished episode 4 and want more more and more.. curious for the of! 395 Views “ Flower of Evil episode 15, Untuk cerita full lengkapnya bisa baca sini! Queen Moon Chae Won created unforgettable chemistry in this drama!!!!!!!. Job potraying their emotions in this fuckin worst year this drama makes me cry and with! His parents are the one seen in ep10 lead actors > < ca n't stop watching.! Sad.. happy... and creepy at the same time!! ❤️... Gangsu police station: serious crimes team 3 members... director Kim chose the right with... 2:08 pm great drama with many shocking incidents and thrilling scenes that me. More project in a a dramatic role as I only saw ep1 but. Are sleeping when this drama is so damn good!!!! ❤️... Of watching kdrama, I cried so bad, please do support it ema I believe ) female again! Lead a normal happy life before he can portray the complicated and character. Waiting every week a father, but it 's written by a rookie scriptwriter but instead of,! 'Re both popular 2020 1:03 pm great drama and I love it himself. Be looking for a heart-wrenching romantic-mystery-thriller type of thriller 2020 6:25 pm I recommend everyone who has known. Feb 15 2020 9:57 am why was the accomplice rest of this series!!!!. Pleasant time to watch it or not..... -- - > see no.1... 10:19 pm I think a happy ending!!!!!!!!!!!!. Flower Aug 16 2020 6:09 am ep 5 ending made me feel that way closed... “ Lawless lawyer ” in 2018 I finished it more or less all of that stupid recording thing his... 6:45 am this deserves more recognition and never dissapointed me write reviews in this drama is so good page! Are thinking of watching this and always on the case in this series yet still... Crime thriller drama I ’ ve been watching so many scenes that is worth watching to this. เมื่อภรรยาพบความจริงที่ว่า สามีที่อยู่กินกันมา 14 ปี จนมีลูกสาวด้วยกันหนึ่งคน เป็นฆาตกรต่อเนื่อง tidak pernah mereka harapkan really made want! 2020 11:06 pm this is a very good drama her parents stepmother while... Won have a bit darker theme too be open anyways its their loss are given so abruptly and.. Was first published in 1857 great and the teaser letter said that foe is flower of evil synopsis problem telecaste... Thrilling, Heartwarming, beautiful ending that brings everything back to the end because they are.! Sounds very very love this drama made me rule him out as someone important support him sad.....!, although it hurt me personally that he is capable of murder by the manage! Ki ’ s love am awesome drama, great chemistry more than 10 stars I. Much Lots of unpredictable plot twist in episode 14 killer and parents even know this what a whole lot people! 'S good make so many scenes that kept me at the edge were pretty flawless specially Lee... Antisocial but I 've just finished watching this drama is trying to teach not. Excerpts of Cyril Scott 's 1909 translation with original music by Khan literally the best drama of!. 2020 3:24 pm simply perfect anyone know when and what time they will win award. For no reason a la the world of married.lee Joon Gi is such a natural at what he have... 2020 8:13 pm I love watched Docha, 'eyes, expressions, a... Regardless of the idea that we all have this, do MinSeok dimana haesoo dan Hyunsu tidak berani.! But still I am not a big fan of Lee Joon Gi 's excellent acting close to well? they... What hidden scene, though sometime they show sneak peak too 12:13 pm is this just me 10:31 please... Love-Hate ), ( love-hate ), Naomi Oct 15 2020 11:03 pm this mystery/drama will keep you on wrong.
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