Wooden Clarinet Reviews‎ > ‎Yamaha‎ > ‎ Yamaha YCL-52. Yamaha's are nice clarinets. Yamaha. The Yamaha YCL-450 is a great instrument for the mid-tier player, but it also has enough solid construction to be perfect for a pro that is playing gigs on the road. It's … Now £6.20 . Key: Bb. YCL-CX/CX-A Bb/A Clarinets. So Yamaha YCL250, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $717 Jupiter JCL-710 Student, as seen on the chart below. All touch and tenon corks are good. Top Joint - Yamaha YCL-CSGIII Bb Clarinet. Price: £999.00 (GBP) (£832.50 ex VAT) view details. This model is also available with silver-plated keys. Yamaha claim to have used design features from their more expensive models on this clarinet, and the result is surprisingly evident. Fine makers of mouthpieces and barrels, from wood to crystal to hard rubber and plastic. Buy Used. Yamaha No.6 - C#/G# Key - YCL-CSVR Clarinet. It is manufactured from lightweight ABS Resin (this gives the appearance and sound of genuine granadilla wood) and is known for outstanding stability, durability and precision. Eddie Daniels, the world's foremost jazz player was such a convert: The YCL-255 in B flat is one such instrument. CDs, Sheet Music, and some of the greatest reference books ever written! So, the YCL-450 should be added to your shortlist. There is no joint wobble. Adjustable thumb rest, silver plated keywork, Pisoni pads, and blue steel springs. Retailers and manufacturers of clarinets, both modern and early replica, Great reeds available from around the world, Copyright © Woodwind.Org, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Product Registration; YCL-CX-A. From a smoke free home. Price: £1,099.00 (GBP) (£915.83 ex VAT) need expert advice? But they also design and make instruments for entry-level players. : - ) The YCL-64 is an entry-level proline clarinet. Now £381.35. Professional level players often use multiple clarinets, depending with whom and where they are playing. The instrument features an adjustable thumbrest. The clarinet is an especially versatile woodwind instrument. The keys feature silver nickel -plated design, providing a lovely and warmer sound, however sharp at the end. News & Events. BETTER MUSIC STAFF PICK! YCL-458II-22/458II-20. In excellent condition. Free mainland UK delivery. Store locator Overview; Specs; Downloads; The CX has a full round sound with an immediate clarity to the tone. Band and Orchestra. No.6 - C#/G# Key Nickel Plated - Yamaha … The current model - the Yamaha YCL 250 costs in the region of £450. This instrument is well-made and easy to play. Advertising and Web Hosting on Woodwind.Org. The wood was computer controlled, kiln dried, to assist in avoiding cracking, The Silver plated key work is also pristine throughout. Put your ads for items you'd like to sell here. of the range professional clarinets. The Yamaha YCL-255 is a Bb clarinet that is designed to mimic the quality of some of the best professional clarinets making up the very best of Yamaha professional clarinet series. ... and more! I have a Yamaha Clarinet in excellent condition, with Yamaha mouthpiece, Rovner Clarinet Ligature, and Hard Case for sale. Enter Archived Product Name. Downloads. "I am saving for a bass clarinet of my own" The quality is very nice. Woodwind. Largest range of Yamaha products in UK. Yamaha presents Bells and Barells 64,5mm Barrel for Clarinet BS.If you are on the lookout for clarinets or wind instruments in general, then this may be a fitting choice. Price: £1,049.00 (GBP) (£874.17 ex VAT) view details. That's the only used listing we have right now. The YCL-450 is an excellent instrument, and in my view leads the current crop of clarinets in the intermediate class. It has inset toneholes and a silver-plated bell ring, which contribute to the presence and openness of its tone. YCL-CX-A. YCL-CX. There is a lot of competition for nice clarinets. Accessories that every clarinetist needs - reed makers and shapers, ligatures, greases, oils, and preservatives 4.0 out of 5 stars Yamaha Bass Clarinet. It is made from seasoned grenadilla wood with a new resonance chamber for better intonation in lower notes. The Yamaha YCL-650 clarinet is an excellent professional clarinet for the player who is serious about progressing beyond the grades. In continuation of the YCL series, Yamaha has released this model as a professional level … The matching serial nos. YAMAHA PROFESSIONAL Bb CLARINET, YCL64, �695. are 005349. So it was in the late 1970's and early 1980's, when Yamaha made their first serious foray into top Deluxe case with swab & cork grease. Buy New. Lazarro 150-BK-LB-Flat Bp Clarinet. Reviews. Make sure to check out the reviews but first of all press the red button below to see if it fits your music taste. Yamaha YCL450 Bb Clarinet. See how to interpret these results on the Model Comparison Page. Now £3.30. The YCL-650 is the next step up in Yamaha's range from the YCL-450, and as such invites comparisons against its little brother. Finish: Black. Free! Artists. I found the sound to be much brighter than a similar Selmer. Yamaha YCL-62 Bb Clarinet. Yamaha YCL450M Bb Clarinet. This instrument has great reviews, and most buyers seem completely satisfied with it. Yamaha are among the best at producing decent student instruments and the YCL250 falls into this category too. I rented a brand new one, unplayed, from a local music store. It was introduced into the classical orchestra in the late eighteenth century and its expressive and virtuostic potential was immediately seized upon by composers such as Mozart. The instrument feels a tad more vibrant than its predecessor, I would even venture that it's a slightly easier blow too. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Yamaha YCL250 is a more popular clarinet, based on its reviews. Yamaha YCL-255 Standard Bb Clarinet. Repair, recording, news. Yamaha YCL650 Bb Clarinet. Top Joint - Yamaha YCL650. Clarinet yamaha 250(335). Perhaps surprisingly he preferred and endorsed the YCL64/65 range google_ad_client = "pub-4626466139341305"; The YCL-255 features an ABS resin body that will last for a very long time. The m'piece is a Yamaha 4C in excellent condition, Product Information. /* 728x90, created 9/21/08 */ The double bladder fish skin pads, whilst not new, are all sealing well. used once. Bore LH joint top: 14.9 mm. Excellent condition £180. Student German Clarinets. . YAMAHA PROFESSIONAL Bb CLARINET, YCL64, £695 A superb condition Yamaha Bb clarinet. google_ad_width = 728; Brand: Yamaha ; Model: YCL-62 Bb Clarinet. This instrument is proof-positive that instruments from clarinet brands like Yamaha are often high quality. as is the Yamaha hard shell case. Yamaha YCL650 Bb Clarinet. //-->. Gallery. Many players found the ease with which these instruments responded completely won them over. Yamaha is a maker of top instrument choices for the majority of today’s musicians, including students and teachers. google_ad_slot = "9697664121"; Price: £1,049.00 (GBP) (£874.17 ex VAT) view details. yamaha 250 clarinet . Yamaha YCL450M Bb Clarinet. Follow this Product. Now £154.25. This sounds good to my ears. This bestseller is a favourite with school bands and anyone who wants a quality Bass Clarinet. Yamaha - YCLCX (2) Bb Clarinet Barrel 65mm. to the YCL84/85 which were Yamaha's most expensive Custom models. The modern equivalent of the YCL64/65 is todays Yamaha CX Custom or above. at a considerabily cheaper price to the customer. Yamaha clarinet - used half a dozen times by my son when he was at school. 1) Yamaha YCL-650 Professional Bb Clarinet. It is received wisdom within the music industry that when Yamaha launch a new product, and the synthetic wood grain looks high class. Date reviewed: March 2006 Yamaha's new version of the YCL64, bridging the gap between the high end amateur models and the low end pro range It's not really noticeable from the … Trill Key Guide - Yamaha Clarinet YCL 34 / 450 / CS / CSG / SE. google_ad_height = 90; Yamaha YCL255 Clarinet Review & Demo with Pro Player - YouTube Clarinet yamaha 250(335), used . Yamaha YCL450 Bb Clarinet.