On top of that, the only way to actually turn the remote off is to remove the batteries. My coloring book, “A Transforming Lens: Sketches from Photographs” is available now! I gave up trying to figure it out after about 15 minutes. So I feel very safe to choose it again for my D600 since I … For comfort and battery life, though, I need a grip for this camera. It features a vertical-grip shutter-release button to enable shooting in the same fashion as a horizontal grip. Cons: Bad implementation of remote system, weird battery compartment (on battery 1), hard to reach dials in vertical shooting mode, dial on grip can easily be accidentally nudged (though it can be disabled). You have to bend the plastic a bit and force the battery in, and it feels a bit awkward. Whatever you take vertical shooting or horizontal shooting this Grip gives you a better feeling of holding. Nice idea, but very badly implemented. The remote apparently has all sorts of functions you can assign to it, but the menu system on it is horrible. The screen still articulates, but I can’t angle it down quite as much as I can without the grip attached. As another reviewer has mentioned, the plastic tab that holds the battery in place does not stay. $69.77. Build quality is pretty good. Then as time went on, the connection got worse and the shutter release button began to stick. Review: Meike Nikon D600 Battery Grip. When I purchased my Nikon D610 I immediately ordered the Meike battery grip. Back when I bought my Nikon D7000 I never really thought about buying the Nikon branded battery grip due to my use of that body as a travel body and the cost of the Nikon grip. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. I didn't think much of it at all so I kept on. This page works best with JavaScript. December 13, 2012. MeiKe MK-50DL LCD Battery Grip for Canon 50D/40D/30D/20D. The fit and finish is very,very good.I was able to place it on my d5200 in less than 5 minutes.The battery grip has given the camera the heft and weight that makes it feel very comfortable in my hands and is seems to have made it more stable when shooting or video recording. BATTERIES that have been reported as working: Power2000 , Patona NP-W126 . I really don't regret buying this grip for the price, but over time, the lack of quality in the workmanship becomes apparent. This product was shipped quickly, and delivered promptly. Here’s what installing battery 1 into the battery compartment looks like: Here’s what the battery compartment looks like with both batteries installed: There are two versions of this grip – one with and one without a remote. This is something I no longer wanted to worry about so I finally bought the Nikon grip which is far more superior in quality. Ordinarily half of your palm (or more if you have bigger hands) isn’t used for support on the Sony A7/A7R/A7S, so your fingers end up doing a lot of the work supporting the camera. To set things straight from the beginning: this battery grip is made by MeiKe. The grip includes it’s own tripod mount hole, so you can still use your tripod with the grip attached. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2012. I bought an off brand battery too, and I couldn't be more satisfied for the price I paid. You can tell that the quality of the build is much cheaper than it's Nikon equivalent but you get what you pay for. So the only thing I use the remote for is to remotely activate the shutter on the camera, but even doing that requires me to set the channel to “00” on the remote every time I put the batteries back in. The grip includes it’s own tripod mount hole, so you can still use your tripod with the grip attached. Finally I realized that as I was holding the camera between shots, my palm was rubbing against one of the dials on the grip causing the shutter speed to change. With no experience with battery pack grips, I did my research. But I’m also happy with how much better the camera feels in my hands when using this grip, and when I attach my newly acquired Sony 16-35mm lens, the camera looks like it means business. And guess what happens when you remove the batteries? Currently, there’s only one other grip available on the market for the Sony A9 and A7RIII: a Meike grip with only a couple of reviews (which are mixed) though it costs only about $120. I have been using the Zeikos brand on my D700 but decided to try out this brand based on a fellow photographer's recommendation. I had one on my D5100 and I never had a problem with the camera recognizing the batteries or anything like that. Seems like that could have been designed better, and from what I understand this has been implemented in a better way on the Sony grip. It worked well for a while but last month I noticed that the camera started to switch to the internal battery even before the battery in the grip was finished. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. MeiKe MK-D3100 Battery Grip takes one or two EN-EL14 batteries only, especially suitable for shooting in a large quantity or low temperatures environment. Posted by timfordphoto | Aug 6, 2015 | Product Reviews, Tips and Tricks | 0 |. The ability to get shoot in portrait is a luxury for fashion and portrait photographers. You’d think the battery would just slide in, but no. Re: Meike D800 Grip REVIEW For me it's not just about the battery, it's about comfort and ease when holding the camera especially when shooting in the "Portrait" vertical position, that extra shutter button comes in very handy, atleast for me. I can’t see anything the Sony does that this battery grip doesn’t – in fact, this grip came with a wifi remote, which the Sony does not have (more on the remote later). Yes there is a hole for a tripod mount at the bottom. I use the grip pretty much all of the time especially on long event shoots and it worked fine for the first two years or so then I noticed that would have to really squeeze it onto the bottom of my camera to get it to register on the LCD display that the grip was actually in play. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … MeiKe MK-500DL LCD Battery Grip for Canon 500D/450D/1000D. The camera now feels a lot more balanced; It actually feels a lot like a traditional SLR. Meike MKA9 Professional Battery Grip for Sony A9 A7RIII A7R3 2.4G Remote Control $109.00 MeikeMK-A7R IV Pro Vertical Shutter Battery Grip with Wireless Remote For Sony α As I read a lot of reviews about 3rd party battery grips, Meike grips seem to have the quality closest to original brands. This problem was enough to make me decide to just fork out the money I had and hand it over to the extortionist Nikon and got the genuine grip. It was with these issues in mind that I began my review of the MeiKe / Neewer BG-E9 battery grip for the 60D. In order to attach the grip, you need to remove your original battery door on your camera. That’s a shockingly bad system. Problem solved. Bought this battery grip as it was recommended by a friend and the reviews on Amazon was pretty good. This took me a few minutes to figure out, but Sony actually made removal of the battery door very easy. Meike MK-D600 battery Grip for Nikon D600 and D610 is a battery grip designed for use specifically with those two Nikon DSLR cameras and accepts one Nikon EN-EL15 battery. Meike Global -Meike (MEKE) Unique Global Official Website Get News about Meike products Buy all Meike products Book products that are not yet on the market Meike Lens ,Meike Battery Grip,Meike Cine Lens,Meike Flash,Meike extension tube ,Meike Hand Grip Talk with us about Meike -Products Detail ,After-sales service To be totally honest, I always have the grip’s dials just turned off completely (there’s an “on/off switch” that allows you to do this). I noticed that when I have the dials turned on, my shutter speed was randomly changing and for a while I couldn’t figure out why. It helps, though, when we can get a battery grip for less than 23% of the cost of the OEM model… if it works. Here’s a shot of the additional palm support I mentioned – it really does help balance the camera out using this grip: Here’s a couple of photos of how the grip looks on the body: The grip fits snugly on the body and is attached via a thumbscrew type design that screws into the standard tripod mount on the bottom of the camera (typical of most battery grips). With the grip attached, the camera looks like a miniature version of the medium format Canon EOS-1, which is not really a bad thing in and of itself but these cameras are traditionally known for their portability. What helps add a feeling of balance is the amount of support given to your palm. $60.21. I bought the one with the remote. The Meike product is easy to attach to the camera once you have mastered how to remove the battery compartment cover and tuck it into the convenient holder in the grip. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, Meike Vertical Battery Grip for Nikon D600 MB-D14 MBD14 EN-EL15, See all details for Meike Vertical Battery Grip for Nikon D600 MB-D14 MBD14 EN-EL15, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Not a huge deal, just something I felt was worth mentioning. Reviewed in the United States on March 21, 2013. All in all, definitely worth it! Meike Professional Holder Pack MK-D850 Pro with Remote Control This stable and ergonomically-designed battery grip offers more useful functions. Like so many people, I couldn't fork out the big bucks to get the Nikon grip for my D600, so I gave this a try. What to say... For starters, the grip worked. This grip solves that problem. Once fitted it looks part of the camera and feels sturdy in use. MeiKe MK-5DIIL LCD Battery Grip for Canon 5D mark II. I haven't had the battery issue with the Nikon grip since I started using it. to enable vertical shooting with the same ease as horizontal shooting. On my former Canon, they built the grip so the feed from either your 2 Liion batteries/aa battery holster was fed directly into the primary battery slot. Worked for a while then started creating problems, Reviewed in the United States on June 28, 2013. So I feel very safe to choose it again for my D600 since I experienced no issues with the D3100 grip. Any custom functions you set up disappear. you can test this by seeing if the camera will turn on with only a battery in the grip and none in the body. Fortunately if portability is something you need for any particular shoot, the grip can easily be removed. It does have the two main dials that you have access to when shooting horizontally, as well as access to the “C1” button and the “AF/MF” button, but the two main dials (shutter speed and f stop adjustments on my camera) are both very hard to reach on the battery grip. Meike promises that the camera remains water and dust resistant with the grip attached. This forced me to push down on it harder while shooting and so I ended up going back to the shutter release button on the main body of my camera. I love my Nikon D610 but many times I buy off brand items to use with it and have never been disappointed. I looked at the pictures of the Sony grip, and it appears this would be a problem with that grip as well. MeiKe MK-7D/BG-E7 is a battery grip that can hold two Battery Packs LP-E6 or six size-AA/LR6 batteries. The Nikon MB-D12 is really overpriced so I opted for this cheaper version. I had to keep checking from time to time to make sure that the grip was connected because it would keep flipping over to the other battery housed in the camera's body. The finish closely matches that of my camera body. Meike MK-A6500 Pro Battery Grip Built-in 2.4GHZ Remote Controller Up to 100M to Control Shooting Vertical-Shooting Function for Sony A6500 Mirroless Camera with Wireless Remote Control Meike Global 2pcs NP-FW50 Lithium batteries can be put into the grip, extending your shooting time. While the grip works pretty much ok (just have to make sure it's securely screwed on, which I figure is the same as the Nikon branded one), my one-star is detracted for the same problem; it's inane to me that you can't get at the battery inside the camera without unscrewing the grip. I recently picked up the $69 Meike battery grip (with remote) for my Sony A7R. Who knows how durable it'll be down the road, but the price I paid for it, can't be beat! Meke A6600 Pro battery grip and A6600 camera blend into a harmonious whole,which makes the Sony A6600 more like a high-end camera. On the plus side, the shutter button is perfectly placed, and actually has a more satisfying “click” than the original shutter button on the A7R. as a result the battery in the grip does not power the camera. There’s a small lever on the inside of the door which can be activated to retract the pin that holds the door in place. I have owned a Meike battery grip for my other DSLR, the Nikon D3100. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. I'm changing my review because this grip actually turned out to be a problem for me after some time. Overall I would say for the price this is a great value if you want a battery grip but don't want to pay$250 for a Nikon grip. Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2013. It functions perfectly, just has a different feel. Occasionally I feel like the shutter release button is not as responsive as the primary d600 button, but for the price, this guy is totally worth it. $53.30. Maybe slightly less than the Nikon grip, but its also a LOT cheaper. Using the Canon 40mm Pancake Lens with a Sony A7, Using a Canon Speedlite Flash with a Sony A7, Shooting Video of a Dance Recital: Lessons Learned, $69 Meike battery grip (with remote) for my Sony A7R, buy yourself a Meike Battery Grip over on Amazon. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. There's a problem loading this menu right now. One thing I did was set the battery to drain from the battery pack first (in the d600 menu) so I can replace the battery in grip more often then one logged in the camera body. $67.92. Meike Professional Battery Grip Compatible with Canon EOS 5D Mark III, BG-E11 Replacement ... 9,962 reviews scanned The 10 Best Flash For Canon 5d Mark Iis 6,531 reviews scanned Reviewed in the United States on March 23, 2013. Here’s how far down the rear LCD can ordinarily articulate without the battery grip installed: Once the battery grip is installed, the rear LCD cannot articulate down quite as much: Another small issue is how battery #1 is placed into the grip. Specifications: Working voltage: 7.2V-8.4V (for grip… and genuine original NP-W126s was the only ones I tested that worked.. I’m really enjoying using this battery grip. Just $4.25! Don't think I will try this brand again. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. 12:11 am. In order to attach the grip, you need to remove your original battery door on your camera. I used it recently to remotely trigger some long exposure night shots and it worked very well for that purpose. This is a quick unboxing video of the aftermarket Meike MK-XT3 Pro battery grip for the Fujifilm X-T3 mirrorless camera. However, there were a few issues that I came across. I was going to take 1 star off because it is plastic, but the price different is why it is so cheap. The good news is that the receiver doesn’t appear to be on when the in-grip battery isn’t installed, even when the body is powered up, so it probably has no way to drain the battery in the body. if it doesn't turn on cut the spring inside down a little bit at a time until the plastic tab stays in place and the camera turns on. Meike promises that the camera remains water and dust resistant with the grip attached. With two batteries installed (in camera and battery grip at the same time), your shooting time is effectively doubled. Early versions of the Vertax grips were draining both batteries at a rate of 10-15% per hour, so Meike at least got something right. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … Review Meike null Thank you all for taking the time to watch this review on the Mieke External Battery Grip for the X-T3. This product works well. It is also equipped with a vertical-grip shutter button, Main Dial, etc. Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2016. Pros: Price, balance and feel added to the A7 body, additional battery life. All-in-all I’m happy that I went ahead and bought this grip. Meike MK-A9 PRO/MK-A7R-III PRO Battery Grip for Sony A9 A7RIII A7III Built-in 2.4GHz Remote Controller Up to 100M Control Shooting Vertical shooting by Meike Global 1 review You get what you pay for! Meanwhile, With vertical shooting function. It also make the d600 bigger, so it is easier to hold and the pink not to fall below. Reviewed in the United States on June 7, 2014. Meike were also nice enough to provide a place to store the original door while you use the grip, which is a nice little touch. This way you could easily swap out another two batteries by simply popping open the grip cover. Reviewed in the United States on March 18, 2013. One of the only gripes I’ve had about my A7R was how it can feel so tiny in my hands (and I don’t even have big hands). Read multiple reviews on this product before pulling the trigger. With the grip attached, you can use more of your palm for support, resulting in a more balanced feel. As expected it functions perfectly on my D610. So I just turned the dials off. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Meike New Version Vertical Battery Grip for Canon EOS 5D Mark III 5D3 Camera as BG-E11 at Amazon.com. I had ten models lined up and a location I wasn't familiar with. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Get every new post delivered to your Inbox. Buy Meike MK-EOSRG Hand Grip for Canon EOS R featuring Improves Handling of Camera Vertically, Increases Weight of the Camera, Faux-Leather Tactile Grip, Arca-Type Compatible Base, Enclosed Anti-Twist Flange, Minimizes Camera Shake While Mounted, 1/4"-20 Threaded Camera Mount, Machined Slot for Battery Access. Here’s a photo showing where the lever is that you use to remove the battery door: Here’s where the removed battery door ends up being stored on the battery grip: The grip promises “vertical shooting as easy as horizontal shooting” but – eh, not so much in my opinion. MeiKe MK-D300SL LCD Battery Grip for Nikon D700/D300/D300S. Sony A7 or Canon 5D – Which is Better for You? Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2014. Re: Fujifilm X-T3 Battery Grip: Meike MK-XT-3 Review In reply to JeffxYeet • Aug 17, 2019 I just got this grip. One thing I noticed is the shutter button is a bit softer feeling than the one on my camera. 5,829 reviews scanned The 10 Best Canon 5d Mark Iii Battery Grips 5,127 reviews scanned ... Meike Battery Grip Compatible with Canon EOS 90D, 80D and 70D - Replacement 8.4 7.9 pro: works as designed con: works as designed, Reviewed in the United States on September 24, 2013. It provides more battery capacity for your camera, effectively extending your shooting time. MeiKe MK-7DL LCD Battery Grip for Canon 7D. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. I mentioned earlier that I have small hands, so maybe that’s why. Wow, that’s annoying! The duplicated controls come easily to hand making the portrait format a much more comfortable option. The construction and feel of this grip definitely screams third party but for the price I could overlook that. I work freelance for our local newspaper and go through a lot of equipment and have found some things like this grip to be a very good value and it works perfectly. One issue that I did run into when using the grip is that I can’t articulate the rear LCD as much as I’d like to. You can buy yourself a Meike Battery Grip over on Amazon for $69 (as of this writing). 9 Comments. The door came right off once I figured that out. Meike battery grip for X-T3 Batteries I tried that do not work: Wasabi, LeiFire, Fanxinsulv, fake NP-W126s, ProMaster, BTBAI .. also 1-2 other have been mentioned, but can't remember! MeiKe MK-D300/MB-D10/BG-D300S Battery Grip for Nikon D700/D300/D300S $35.67 $36.40 $37.14 ( 0 customer reviews ) I purchased this battery pack because I shoot models, mainly glamour and lingerie. I'm going to pick up the same brand for another camera that I have. Meike MK-N-AF-A Metal Auto Focus AF Macro Extension Tube Set for Nikon Camera $50.99 MeiKe MK-550D/BG-E8/BP-550D Battery Grip for Canon 550D/Rebel … Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. I bought this as an alternative to the far more expensive Sony battery grip, which is $298! The good: felt great, looked great, fit okay. The remote functionality does at least work well once you get it up and running. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Meike's new battery grip for the Sony a9 and a7R lll comes with a wireless remote: Digital Photography Review Accessories manufacturer Meike has released details of a new grip it will be selling for the Sony a9 and a7R lll bodies that can hold two batteries and double as a remote control. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options. If you decide to forego the somewhat clunky remote option, there are other ways to remotely fire the A7R, such as the Fototech IR Wireless Remote, or even your phone using the DSLR Remote (Android App) or TriggerTrap. The additional battery life is the obvious reason to buy one of these, and that will really come in handy when using the A7R on a video shoot. Review of the Meike MK-DR750 battery grip for the Nikon D750 Buy the Meike MK-DR750 battery grip https://amzn.to/39mf82Q #nikond75grip #meikegrip. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Meike Vertical Multi Power Battery Grip for Nikon D7100, Replacement of MB-D15 at Amazon.com. As I read a lot of reviews about 3rd party battery grips, Meike grips seem to have the quality closest to original brands.