Christine Blower, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, told the Guardian that Gove was "making … "I think school holidays should not be shorter because it gives you the opportunity to develop other important skills by just being adventurous and playing with your friends." This article is more than 2 years old. Michael Gove reportedly said that "in the most successful East Asian education systems.. school days are longer, school holidays are shorter." He added that current school … Students attend an average of 180 school days per year. Share this petition The rest of that time is spent on weekends, holidays and vacations. ... relax and give themselves sometime off from the work that they have to deliver with the new O-Level GCSE style plan that was put in place by M Gove. While students look forward to those holidays as a break from their regular studies, there is a … Report a policy violation. Excessively long breaks are bad for children and for social mobility. M ichael Gove wants to shorten school holidays, saying they were designed back when the UK still had an agricultural economy, and cites the "tattie holiday" as an example. Dont shorten school holidays and longer school hours. In the most successful East Asian education systems, "school days are longer, school holidays are shorter", Mr Gove told an education conference. The kids need a break, the parents need a break and the family need a break. Aug 11th 2018 School is becoming more stressful and to shorten the holidays, it just wouldn't be fair. It is better to shorten the holidays to avoid all these dangers associated with prolonged holidays.The contention that prolonged holidays give students enough time to relax is mistaken. The holidays were due to be cut to under five weeks Credit: PA Barnsley Council has dropped plans to shorten the school summer holiday amid a … Leaders Aug 11th 2018 edition. A council in South Yorkshire will become the first in the country to shorten the long school summer break with an extra week off later in the year. Letters: shorter school holidays do work. A four-week summer break helps to close the inequality gap between rich and poor pupils. Head teachers' union to announce plans to reform school holidays and shorten summer break. Don't shorten the summer holidays. Summer days, drifting away School summer holidays should be shorter. School holidays comprise a significant portion of any school year. We need to act now. Children already don't spend enough time with their parents or family as it is.